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Floral Courier & Crew

We support independent florists by being a floral-focused courier & crew service. After years of helping, we understand our customers' needs and wants, ensuring we deliver the best possible customer experience.

Our Promise


We know running a business is tough enough and the fewer things you need to worry about the better. This is why we provide services with no fuss and deliver our promises each and every time.


Our mission is to be the number one choice of courier & crew for florists. We also aim for our fleet to be emission-free by 2024 supporting our eco-friendly values.


We are customer focused, understanding the importance of treating people with dignity and respect. We deliver all our services on time and with a smile.

Our Services

We provide a number of services to support independent florists in London, which takes us to all corners of the UK

Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet Deliveries

Bouquets deserve to arrive as beautifully as they leave your studio. We ensure all bouquets are kept upright and secure so there is no leakage from aqua packs and all stems are kept intact.

Image by Sam Moghadam Khamseh

Install and Derigs

Sometimes you just need that extra hand or four. Our team are experienced in supporting florists with the installation and derigging of events. We are so experienced we have all the equipment required and can do this without assistance to allow you to get on with other work. 

Outdoor Night Event


We support you from planning to the delivery of events and understand the importance of making sure not only do your arrangements arrive in one piece, but they have been placed the right way around, and stems are tweaked accordingly with no floral foam or mechanics showing. 

Bunch of flowers

Direct Delivery

Can you deliver this now? We know the demands of customers can be last minute. All our deliveries are made direct from point to point, providing the quickest possible delivery and are available for same-day booking.

Wedding Flowers Decorations


We are experienced in everything from bridal wear to table arrangements. We understand the importance of timely bridal wear deliveries, from the largest bridal bouquet to the smallest buttonhole.


Prop Hire

We have a variety of floral props for hire. Please contact us for our brochure.

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